📜 Life notes

  1. Introduction
  2. Note to the casual reader
  3. Index
  4. Conventions used in the text
  5. Credits

1. Introduction

I use this public repository as a notepad for a very broad variety of rough ideas and personal musings.

I like to reflect on lots of subjects (as do most other human beings, I would presume), talk about them with others, and learn from other people. Apart from the universal interests (life, meaning, love, happiness, etc), there are some specific subjects that I find fascinating (philosophy, politics, economics — among others). As I go on living my life, reading, travelling, growing up, meeting people and talking to individuals I love or admire, I try to capture particular thoughts that I find interesting as they cross my mind, appear on the page, or are uttered by someone else.

Usually, I feel that these ideas are not fit for other formats (essays, blog posts) for three reasons:

So I think a digital scratchpad like this repository is the perfect container. Git is a version-control system; designed to handle stuff that needs to be changed, fixed and reworked permanently; with the ability to travel back in time to review material as it was at some point in the past… That is exactly what I need for these thoughts.

Bear in mind that this project is as personal as a public project can ever be.

…but, needless to say, I’m stopping short of disclosing really intimate thoughts here.

2. Note to the casual reader

Did I mention already that the thoughts collected here are personal and temporary, a permanent work in progress?

Anyway, here are some actions you can take if you find an error in my reasoning (there will be plenty of those, of course):

On the other hand, if you are offended by some of my ideas, here is what you can do:

3. Index

  1. Life: what is most important to me
  2. Ethics
  3. Logic
  4. Politics
  5. Science
  6. Tech
  7. Health
  8. Economics
  9. Personality
  10. Gender
  11. Parenting: how to treat children well
  12. Art (just a bit about literature for now)
  13. Famous people I admire (or detest)
  14. Tastes
  16. Miscellanea

4. Conventions used in the text

There is a separate section for all ✱ footnotes, which are referenced throughout the text.

Key terms (ideas, topics, people, works) appear in bold. Also, these emoji are used to highlight key terms:

5. Credits

The idea for this project is borrowed from Buster Benson’s “Book of Beliefs” (hat tip).

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