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  1. Introduction
  2. Note to the casual reader
  3. Index
  4. Conventions used in the text
  5. Credits

1. Introduction

I use this public repository as a notepad for a very broad variety of rough ideas and personal musings.

I like to reflect on lots of subjects (as do most other human beings, I would presume), talk about them with others, and learn from other people. Apart from the universal interests (life, meaning, love, happiness, etc), there are some specific subjects that I find fascinating (philosophy, politics, economics — among others). As I go on living my life, reading, travelling, growing up, meeting people and talking to individuals I love or admire, I try to capture particular thoughts that I find interesting as they cross my mind, appear on the page, or are uttered by someone else.

Usually, I feel that these ideas are not fit for other formats (essays, blog posts) for three reasons:

So I think a digital scratchpad like this repository is the perfect container. Git is a version-control system; designed to handle stuff that needs to be changed, fixed and reworked permanently; with the ability to travel back in time to review material as it was at some point in the past… That is exactly what I need for these thoughts.

Bear in mind that this project is as personal as a public project can ever be.

…but, needless to say, I’m stopping short of disclosing really intimate thoughts here.

2. Note to the casual reader

Did I mention already that the thoughts collected here are personal and temporary, a permanent work in progress?

Anyway, here are some actions you can take if you find an error in my reasoning (there will be plenty of those, of course):

On the other hand, if you are offended by some of my ideas, here is what you can do:

3. Index

  1. Art
  2. Economics
  3. Ethics
  4. Famous people I admire (or detest)
  5. Gender
  6. Health
  7. Life
  8. Logic
  9. Miscellanea
  10. Parenting
  11. Personality
  12. Politics
  14. Science
  15. Tastes
  16. Tech
  17. Work

4. Conventions used in the text

There is a separate section for all ✱ footnotes, which are referenced throughout the text.

Key terms (ideas, topics, people, works) appear in bold. Also, these emoji are used to highlight key terms:

5. Credits

The idea for this project is borrowed from Buster Benson’s “Book of Beliefs” (hat tip).

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